NFL fashion is better than ever; the colors, the brands, the jewelry all come together in the pregame fits players rock heading into the facility. Everything from 3-piece italian suits to Space Jam tees and NBA jerseys, we see it all. The NFL Style Guide will highlight the best players and the best outfits in the game week to week.

The event usually attracts basketball fans from all over the world. It is possible to observe different fashion trends, unique clothing designs, and revamped looks of team jerseys at such events. Inspired by fashion events like these, many fans seek out vendors (like Mato and Hash) to create clothes with similar designs. With the popularity and participation of athletes in NFL fashion events, it’s no surprise that fans are eagerly anticipating this event.

Heading into the 3rd week of the NFL season we’re taking a look back at some of the best fits from Week 2. Starting with the 2018 number 1 draft pick, Baker Mayfield went simple. It was a safe call for the Browns QB. Highlighted by a Nahmias hat, the young label has also been worn by the likes of Draymond Green at the NBA Finals and Lionel Richie on stage.

Vernon Hargreaves III had the heavy Goyard drip, adding to the already wild pattern combination going on up top. You can’t help but love someone willing to put all that together.

Patrick Mahomes a.k.a. Patty Ice is one of the coldest QB’s on the field right now and is destroying defenses as casually as he rocks this drab green suit. The pop of pattern in the button down shirt and the showtime shades indoors make this a proper Patty M fit.

If you don’t already know, the Eagles are one of the best dressed teams in the damn league. Desean Jackson? Nelson Agholor? These guys don’t phone it in on the travel fits. Agholor wears this Gucci so casually you feel the need to thank him. For what? No clue, but he deserves it. This Desean Jackson fit is a masterpiece that should be turned into a painting and hung the Louvre. Those are just the facts.

I tried to tell you the eagles DRESS. Malcolm Jenkins. Sir. Candy Green pinstripe pants? This jawn got an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and we didn’t even talk about the jewelry.

Alright full disclosure, Grady Jarrett’s fit is pretty underwhelming. The real reason this is in here is the Rolls. I’m making the assumption Jarrett popped out the RR and the photog was ready to snap. Let’s get some more pregame fit pics with the whips.

Oakland Raiders’ David Sharpe was holding it down with the throwback Durant Supersonics Jersey. As KD heads to Brooklyn for the upcoming season, it’s a friendly reminder of his PNW beginnings in the league.

It seemed worthwhile to point out that we had multiple Sonics sightings in week 2, this one coming from Rams Johnny Hekker. It might just be a t-shirt but when you put the legendary Gary Payton on the front, you significantly elevate the respectability.

Raiders’ DeAndre Washington pulled up with the good cloth for the matchup against the Chiefs. If I had an upper body the size of a bear I would wear my silk shirts open too. Not sure about the absolute unit of a pinky ring he’s showing off but maybe my fingers are just too weak to even consider it.

Nick Scott said I’m going to have a great time and there’s nothing you can do about it. Space Jam tee. Shattered Backboard 1’s. Gold watch. Nobody had more fun than Scott walking into the facility and that’s dope.

Rounding out the Week 2 Style Guide is DK Metcalf. The rookie has had a great on field start in Seattle and came out firing with the pregame attire. Denim overall shorts? Hell yes denim overall shorts. To borrow his own words to Stephen A. “You ever seen a 6’4″, 240, run a 4.33?” in overall shorts? Nah DK I haven’t, but I’ve become a big fan.


Stay tuned for the Week 3 style guide.


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