Week 5. The Bears and Raiders faceoff in London, Baker Mayfield scored me 2 fantasy points, and the Patriots are 5-0. Let’s get into the fits.

Matt Ryan arrived with his airpods in and a coffee in hand. He has a Silicon Valley tech investor look going for him with the top button unbuttoned and a navy blue blazer. Possible second career during the summer?

Mike Davis, Tarik Cohen, and Chase Daniels posed for the camera on the plane before the Bears took off for London. The all grey team tracksuits are a staple in NFL and are perfect for a cross-Atlantic flight to the UK.

Part of the Bears London attire included team jackets with oversized patches. You can see the giant NFL logo patch on Patrick O’Donnoll’s right arm and the Union Jack on the left arm of Eddie Jackson. A slick jacket that I’m sure Bears fans would love to get their hands on.

Cole Beasley went for the Blazer/blazer combo that also features a plain white polo and black jeans. The Nike Blazer is a classic silhouette, the only complaint I have is not stacking the denim instead of pulling it over the top of the shoe. But how are you going to argue with a smile like that? You can shop the variations of the Blazer at Nike.

There are few things I love as much as a good plaid suit and Dean Marlowe delivered with this one. One of the all time classic color combos for a plaid the suit is fresh and the orange bag makes everything pop just a little more.

Emmanuel Sanders had a similar idea to Marlowe and pulled out his own plaid in a red variation. The white shirt separates the tie from the coat nicely and builds a little contrast for a great suiting moment.

Burberry can get a little hate sometimes for its footwear line but these chrome and white pieces hit a little different. You can snag these bad boys which were worn by Todd Davis of the Broncos for a light $620. My only question is if wearing Gucci socks with Burberry sneakers is as awful a crime as wearing Nike socks with Adidas shoes.

Look there was a lot of plaid this week. I love the colors in this one for Chandler Jones. The multiple chains on top are a great addition to the black shirt and make up for not wearing a tie, completing the entire outfit perfectly.

Kliff Kingsbury wore a beautiful 3-piece suit in a solid brown. Every time I look at the picture all I can think about is young professor Indiana Jones but is that really a bad thing? It’s just 2 American icons.

Marc Keiser is your favorite athletes favorite designer. Melvin Gordon is seen here wearing a pair of Keiser’s newly released denim called Mauled Blue. It’s a nice pattern addition to the wild Dior top Gordon is wearing and makes a solid fit.

I have yet to see a suit/turtleneck combo that I don’t like. This one might be the best one I’ve seen though. The colors are just so good. I’m also a big fan of Kenny Moore’s horseshoe pin on the left lapel. Details people, details.

Josh Gordon went with the all black suit in a bid for subtlety which accentuates the accessories, of which there are two. The bright red Supreme x Rimowa suitcase and the white Louis Vuitton monogram backpack stand out against Gordon’s monochromatic style choice.

Rounding out Week 5 is Tahir Whitehead arriving to the Tottenham Hotspurs stadium in London for the NFL London game vs the Chicago Bears. The Raiders jackets for this trip looked especially crispy and Whiteheads pairing it with the vintage Raiders hat and textured shirt was a great choice. The Louis Vuitton luggage in black is also a slick accessory choice for the international travel game.


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