So. How about that Jets win huh? Sam Darnold bounced back from mono early in the year and destroyed Cowboys bettors spirits by leading the Jets to their first win this season. If you’re a Cowboys fan you hate to see it, if you’re virtually anyone else you were likely pleasantly surprised. Also notably the Panthers took on the Buccaneers in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London for the 2nd of 4 NFL games in London this season. On to the fits.

You don’t get to see the whole fit but Marcell Harris is wearing something that anybody reading this can pull off and didn’t break the bank to flex real quick. You can literally buy this hoodie for $50 at Dicks and look clean if you pair it with some solid pants.

Desmond King II wore the jersey of LA Kings legend Luc Robitaille. Robitaille retired after the 2006 season and is now the president of the Kings. Accessories for King include a solid pair of Jordans and a Louis Vuitton hand bag.

The utility vest trend seems to still be in full effect as Keenan Allen arrived in a fluorescent yellow vest by Sky Blue Collective with aliens on the front. I had never heard of Sky Blue personally but they have some solid cosigns from Kelly Oubre Jr, Klay Thompson, and Nate Robinson to name a few.

Mecole Hardman Jr was fitted in as much Chiefs red as he could manage. I love the MCM red leather backpack and the “Bowman” and “706” chains that add a nice touch.

Gucci jacket, Muhammad Ali shirt, showtime shades? It’s a certified Patrick Mahomes fit.

Mohamed Sanu was blacked out in the Saint Laurent hoodie and Amiri denim. I’m a sucker for an all black outfit and Sanu pulls it off effortlessly with some slick pieces. The Champion hat on top of the high priced sweatshirt and jeans is pretty ironic but I kind of love it.

The sweatsuit Demaryius Thomas wore for week 6 was wild. It’s a tropical pattern and color combination that feels refreshing. Thomas clearly felt refreshed after getting that big win over the Cowboys.

There were some great fits for the London games this week. Ronald Jones II hopped on the flight across the pond with the sick Louis Vuitton monogram sunglasses. The OVO hoodie isn’t bad but the LV sunglasses are the real star here.

The mid length camel trench coat and pair of blue plaid pants that Andre Smith wore at Hotspur stadium was super clean. Easily one of my favorite fits of the week. This picture has me wondering what exactly Smith brought to the stadium though. I get that it’s a  London game, but two duffles and a suitcase seems a bit excessive.

Ray Ray McCloud III had the fit of the week in my book. He wore the Human Made Souvenir jacket with a white turtleneck underneath. I don’t have an ID on the pants but they work well with the colors in the jackets. The orange Goyard bag is the ultimate accessory and contrasts with the pants really well.

The Travis Scott Jordan 6 and accompanying apparel dropped last Friday and Joe Haden got his hands on the hoodie in time to wear it before the Steelers game. If you missed out on retail head over to StockX to get your hands on the recent release.

The Giants Alec Ogletree arrived for the Thursday night game against the Patriots with a villainous fit. His shoes alone are worthy of an all time villain, the Christian Louboutin Louis Spike sneakers that clock in at $1,295.00. The maroon suit is a always a great choice and the shoulders-only overcoat is a flex. With winter approaching and the temperature dropping this is the first of many coat-inspired fits this year.

Deshaun Watson rounds out week 6 with his pregame fit that includes the Palm Angels wool jacket and the Louis Vuitton Zig Zag sneaker. The zig zag sneakers are some absolutely wild shoes but this seems like the most wearable colorway and Watson worked them into this fit very well.


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