We’re through week 9 and I have a lot to share from the past week. Halloween and the Thursday night game fell on the same day this year so we got some costumes for the arrivals of the Cardinals 49ers game. This was also the a big week for team records. The Dolphins managed to beat the Jets, getting their first win of the season and putting a blemish on their tanking season in the process. On the other end of the spectrum the Patriots lost to the explosive Ravens and Lamar Jackson is the Patriot killer Baltimore fans deserve. There’s a lot to cover this week so let’s get right to it.

Emmanuel Sanders

I’m starting off with the Halloween costumes because there are only 4 and I like to stay in the spirit of the season while I can. Here, Emmanuel Sanders decided to actually try to get a fit off and then throw the Jason mask on top. I like to imagine Jason running around doing his thing in a Virgil Abloh tee and Louis Vuitton chainsaw holster. This may be what were looking at when a hypebeast goes over the edge.

David Johnson

Johnson took it up a notch for his arrival, going with the full Darth Vader costume with mask included. He also slipped on a pair of the Travis Scott Jordan 6’s which somehow feel like the obvious choice for Vader’s hype sneaker.

Patrick Peterson

The Joker just released last month but Peterson seems to be basing his costume off the Dark Knight’s Joker and Heath Ledger’s performance as the notorious villain. Ledger’s Joker wore the purple suit while Phoenix’s donned the red version. Peterson also follows the logos out rule with his Dutch Bros in hand. If you know DB, you love to see it.

Tramaine Brock

The costume of all costumes was brought to us by Tramaine Brock. I love the Scarecrow costume and I really hope it got all the love it deserved from everyone else in the building. I also really hope he didn’t wear that out of the facility after the game, nothing less appealing than a sweaty scarecrow.

Javon Wims

A$AP Rocky popularized the babushka with his luxurious silk scarves. While the only people that can pull it off better than Rocky may be eastern european grandmothers, Wims takes his best shot at it. I’m liking Wims take on it and his scarf choice is great, that tonal green LV monogram fits with the subtle green in his flannel and lets the red in has backpack pop. But are we really still wearing clout goggles? We can do better!

Terrance Mitchell

I’m going to skate over the G-Star Raw crew neck as well as the denim to zero in on Mitchell’s shoes. Mitchell played his college football at the University of Oregon, which given its connection to Nike, is often gifted custom team Jordans. StockX has one pair for sale right now where the asking price is $5,000.

Braxton Berrios

Suiting is not always a slam dunk. Something doesn’t fit properly, colors or patterns can clash or any number of possible little issues. In this case though, Braxton came correct. Yes that includes wearing white pants after Labor Day (if you adhere to not wearing pants after Labor Day you’re probably a cop.) In this case the shoes and belt match, the pants and shirt do not, and the jacket is dope. That’s really all you need for a great look.

Bill Turner

The centerpiece of Turner’s outfit is the reworked hoodie designed by Justin Mensinger. Mensinger is local to Chicago and known for his creative take on sustainable design that brings vintage and similar pieces together to create something completely new. Check out some more of Mensinger’s recent work.

Juju Smith-Schuster

I couldn’t figure out what jacket Juju was wearing here for a while until I saw someone on Instagram say its from ASOS. Before I realized it was ASOS I thought it was super dope, now that I know it only cost $30 I’m even more in on it. PSA: stop spending thousands on jackets when you can drip for $30. The reds work well together all around and the two-tone Burberry sweats are really nice. Juju can you find us an ASOS version because $760 is a little much for the kid.

AJ Brown

Leopard print is one of the major trends that has taken over fashion for Fall of 2019. Here Brown donned a leopard crewneck sweater that with silver instead of the traditional brown you find in the print. As typical for Brown he wore his black Chicago Cubs snapback cap.

Dion Lewis

Shearling jackets are something that damn near everyone should own at least one of. When it comes to shearling jackets if you’re going to get one, it should be like Lewis’ tan suede choice. Lewis ties the tan of the jacket into the tan in his Fendi shirt and it works great with the majority black outfit he has going.

Logan Ryan

The reason I love this should be obvious considering I pretty much dress exactly like this. The difference being that I can’t afford those shoes and I also do not look this good. A velour hoodie under the blazer uses different textures to set apart the different blacks. The FOG 1 in Orange Pulse explodes off the black colors and emphasizes Ryan’s excellent shoe game.

Mike Hughes

Hughes switched up his Rhude from the last time I featured him here. The rest of the fit is an unlikely combination of texture and pattern that puts together an army green corduroy jacket and tartan plaid pants in black and white. The camo chucks tie the greens into the jacket quite nicely. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a huge proponent for the statement pant and Hughes does it damn near perfectly here.

Stefon Diggs

One of the best dressed players in the league Diggs came through a fur coat that borders on cropped bathrobe. The pattern in it is insane and I would honestly do just about anything to get my hands on it. Diggs was also carrying a JW Anderson tote that had a lot more personality than the typical monogram duffle we usually see for arrivals.


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