The original colorway of the Nike Air Flight One, returns for the first time since it’s first release in the mid 90’s. This colorway dubbed “Orlando”, was one of the original sneakers that was worn by Penny Hardaway and now after over 15 years since it’s original release, the shoe returns in February. You can expect this release to drop around All Star Weekend next month.

Nike Air Flight One “Orlando”

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  1. since when is some bum posting with the exact same name that I post with, albeit I'm not the only one named "Marcus", it doesnt help that the other Marcus is a dumbass, 140 for flight ones is garbage, nobody will cop at that price. Just like I told the other jackass on the other forum that oddly enough suggested 140 would be the retail too, when there is no written suggestion of that anywhere, on any website, go fuck off with that nike fueled(most likely nike funded) shittalk to try to bait a bunch of morons to say "oh hell ya 140, sounds great" its a fuckin flight one, tryin to downplay my good name you pos…

  2. @Marcus Im the Marcus that posted eariler and u are absolutely right we dont know how much they are going to be…and did you read exactly what I said? I said they "MIGHT" be $140 like the other pennys! Im just basing it off The air penny 1 and 2 cuz they were $140! u aint have to go that hard over something stupid my dude! just sayin…

  3. 125-150 is the going rate for retros from Nike these days, get over/used to it. The days of $100 shoes are over. Do I like it? No. But there ain't shit we can do about it so be happy to cop them on release day instead of 250 on ebay n elsewhere from resellers. These are my favorite retro this year so far and will happily pay 140


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