One of the most anticipated Foamposites of the year, will be releasing in 10 days and while many of us are still surprised with the $20 price hike, it’s still not stopping the common sneakerhead from purchasing this long awaited Foamposite colorway. Check out the latest photos of the Nike Air Foamposite One “Metallic Red” from. Mr. R Sports

You can also Cop yours Early Here

Nike Air Foamposite One
Varsity Red / Black
314996 061


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  1. I'm paying $325 to get mine today and I'll pay $220 to buy two more on release day. Then I'll sell the $325 pair for $350 just to recoup and on $220 for $350 and make a small profit to lower my cost to around $150. Its called business. To all that cry about resellers, unless you produce and sell your own products to survive you'd literally have NO money or essentials at all without resellers of every product. If you're mad make some money and join the rat race. Not even trying to sound like a dick, which I probably still am but, it takes money to make money. I'm not trying to profit per say, just trying to lower the cost of my products. Economics bitches, Love to all sneakerheads and resellers alike!

  2. Well why wouldnt you just do all that on release day to lower your cost to around $90. your paying $130 more to have them early. Why?

  3. I hate the resellers who sell at ridiculous, rape like prices. Guarantee these will be on eBay for like $500. SMDH


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