The Foamposite has seen some wild colorways this year and the most recent “Thermal” color scheme is without question one of the loudest yet.  After the release of the “Weatherman” Foam, Nike has decided to follow up it’s release with this vibrant red color scheme that is sure to get some wild looks on the street. These will be available tomorrow, September 28th, for $250 USD at top retailers like Exclucity. Let us know via our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you’re going after a pair of these or if you’re going to leave them on the shelf. You Can Buy Them Now

thermal-foamposite_03 thermal-foamposite_04 thermal-foamposite_05 thermal-foamposite_06 thermal-foamposite_07 thermal-foamposite_08 thermal-foamposite_09 thermal-foamposite_10 thermal-foamposite


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