Nike Air Foamposite Pro Retro

Retro, Teal, Electronic Blue. These are the names that have been thrown around as the official colorway for the upcoming Nike Air Foamposite Pro but now, It really doesn’t matter because the release date is right around the corner. The Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘Retro’, will be releasing on July 1st. The ‘Retro’ Foamposite color is 1 of a few new CW’s to be released this year. In the same month, a red colorway of the Air Foamposite Pro will be releasing.

07/01/11 Air Foamposite Pro Retro/Black $200 624041-410

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Retro/Black (1)
Nike Air Foamposite Pro Retro/Black

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro – Retro/Black or ‘Teal’ colorway will be releasing July 1st.

07/01/11 Air Foamposite Pro Retro/Black $200 624041-410
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  • John doe

    Is this a hoh or a general release?!?

  • sneakerhead5859

    will these be released everywere or just HOH?

    • Oscar Castillo

      These will release EVERYWHERE!

  • JoeE1024

    With all do respect oscar castillo, how are you sure they'll be a general release?? I hope you're right but sometimes people like to act like they know stuff when in reality they're just guessing. So how do you know??

    • Oscar Castillo

      Like Sure that if they're not, Ill Pay Pal you $100

    • Oscar Castillo

      It's on the Nike Site. Do your research sir. Its easy.

  • JoeE1024

    With all *due* respect

  • addmorreheat

    Footlocker says 7/4 and this website says 7/1 now who is right?????????????????

    • Oscar Castillo

      I don't think a foamposite will release on a Monday fam and footlocker isn't the BEST source when it comes to release dates LMAO

  • Majahzi

    Really can't wait. Definitely my next cop.

  • JaYBoOoGs6

    Oscar is right that table right below the last pic with the info is straight from Nike itself. It can change but Nike is quoting it and Foamposites are Nike. Who better than the shoe creator itself to say.

  • Massamazin

    July 1st is the exact release date ive been buying foamposite since 98 an trust not every sneaker store will have em… Footlockers is a waste of time.. I had the electric green,pewter an royales sincjan 2011 months before the came out an im in NYC depending on where u are matters alot to