The Nike Air Force Max was the choice shoe for the Fab 5 during their hey day at Michigan, and the return of the shoe has brought about the 2013 version that swaps out suede for Vac-tech. The enhanced upper gives you the same look as the original but with a much tougher and lasting material. The shoes timeless look is great either on or off the court, and if you have yet to grab a pair of the latest retro you should check this out because You Can Buy Them Now

nike-air-force-max-2013-wolf-grey_03 nike-air-force-max-2013-wolf-grey_04nike-air-force-max-2013-wolf-grey_02 nike-air-force-max-2013-wolf-grey_05 nike-air-force-max-2013-wolf-grey_06 nike-air-force-max-2013-wolf-grey nike-air-force-max-2013


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