Word around the campfire is that the Nike Air Jordan 1 “Royals” will be getting some company soon in the form of the black and red version of the AJ1. Set for a November drop, the OG version of the shoe will feature a high cut and come in OG formatting, meaning Nike Air branding and the same box that the Royals and Knicks versions have previously used. With a lot of time between now and November, a possible release date change is always possible, but as of now you can expect them towards the end of the year. If you’re a true Jordan fan these are a must, so let us know how excited you are about the news in the comments section below.

Photos are Not This Years Air Jordan 1.





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    • @JakeeAD Royals are still sitting in two mom and pops around my way.  It’s more country and trails out here.  A large portion of the community of Caucasians who do a lot of running and hiking.  Foams and J’s sit for days.  I’m into dunks so I don’t mess with J’s.  Funny how they’re prices are sky high online, but no one around here wants to even give them two looks.  Oh well, I sure some urban folks will stumble into those spots, see them, freak out and buy all of them.  Happens with every major release. Out of towners are hilarious.

        • @nate313  @JakeeAD I know it’s country out here, but the sensation of Foams and J’s hasn’t reached out here.  Fire Red 5’s and Bred 13’s are still sitting out here.

        • @JakeeAD   All damn you’re a long way from these parts.  Try Sports Zone.  I don’t have their number off hand, but they’re a chain out here in the DMV.  Some friend of mine purchased their pairs from their late shipments.  Google them, they’ll have (202)  DC area codes, but they’re also all over VA and MD.  Good luck.

        • @Lusinmader its okay man thanks. i just hope i can get the Black toe and these bred 1’s to make up for it….


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