Dank Customs continues to impress with quality reconstructs and with 4/20 approaching it’s appropriate that the latest effort is a “Skunk” Nike Air Max 1 designed after the very popular SB Dunk Hi. The shoe matches the Dunk’s grainy green, blue, and purple upper and offers some very nice extras like SB laces, a stash pouch, and a set of cedar shoe trees. The 1 of 1 example is a nice treat for those of you who wear a sz 10 and will be auctioned off via eBay this coming Tuesday, April 16th. The team at Dank Customs will overnight the shoes after the 24-hour auction so that the lucky winner will have them in time for the 4/20 festivities.



nike-air-max-1-skunk_04  nike-air-max-1-skunk_02 nike-air-max-1-skunk_05


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