Nike has built an incredible running foundation over the years with 4 shoes serving as the pillars of their footwear division. The Nike Air Max sector has been the most popular amongst all of the running sneaker offerings and the Air max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95, and Air Max 97 have all seen their share of variations over the last 2 decades and counting. Here we get a look at the newest remix for each platform, the integration of Engineered Mesh. The EM material boasts the ability to enhance both durability and breathability while also reducing weight and adding a new aesthetic to each shoe in the process. The result is a new take on old classics. Each example will be ready for shelves sometime in January so keep it locked here for the street date.

SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM1_FRNT_QRT_large SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM1_DET_GLOW_large SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM1_TOP_MESH_large SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM90_FRNT_QRT_large SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM90_DET_GLOW_large SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM90_TOP_MESH_large SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM95_FRNT_QRT_large SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM95_DET_GLOW_large SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM95_TOP_MESH_large SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM97_FRNT_QRT_large SP13_NSW_AirMax_AM97_TOP_MESH_large

via Nike Inc.


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