Korean paper toy company Momot puts a creative spin on some classic Air Maxes as it works with Nike on a very special toy display. The scene is a hodge podge of sorts, a factory setup where workers (apes in this case) are busy cooking up some footwear creations. The display is not for sale and is simply an ode to both the beauty of the paper toy artwork as well as the visual buffet that sneakers can offer. Check out some photos and notice some of the finer details, like the serious attention paid to the boxes.

NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT--540x359 nike-air-max-x-momot--540x398 nike-air-max-x-momot--540x402 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT-1-540x359 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT-3-540x359 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT-4-540x359 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT-5-540x359 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT-6-540x359 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT-7-540x359 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT-8-540x359 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT-9-540x359 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT-540x359 nike-air-max-x-momot-540x401 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT1-540x359 nike-air-max-x-momot1-540x401 nike-air-max-x-momot2-540x402 NIKE-AIR-MAX-X-MOMOT2 nike-air-max-x-momot3-540x402 nike-air-max-x-momot4-540x401

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  1. Hi,

    I am very interested to buy the Nike Air Max x Momot: Paper Toys – is it possible for you to direct me where would be the best buy them from online? I’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t find them.



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