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The original Nike Air Pressure continues to be a sought after collectors item thanks to the unique nature of the shoe.  The shoe in itself is a classic silhouette as it is part of the heralded force line, but the real attraction here is the box/pump combo that accompanies the shoe to add some air into the concealed Air unit. To find a pair in good condition is rare given the shoes age, and to find the whole set in good condition can be considered a blessing. With all of this in mind, its no secret that sets in good condition fetch a pretty penny, but if you’ve got the coin and the serious itch for this rare combo, then grab your wallet and check this out because You Can Buy them Now

nike-air-pressure-og-1989 nike-air-pressure-og-1989_02 nike-air-pressure-og-1989_03 nike-air-pressure-og-1989_04 nike-air-pressure-og-1989_05 nike-air-pressure-og-1989_06 nike-air-pressure-og-1989_07 Picture 2

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