One of the best close up photos of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 surfaced today, giving us a detailed look at the materials chosen for Kanye West’s second collaboration with Nike. The photo reveals a leather heel, snake skin side panels, mesh toe box (thank god), trainer strap and a glow in the dark sole. Surely these will be the most talked about shoes in 2012 but how do these compare to the first Black / Pink Nike Air Yeezy 2? Will you be purchasing these come March? Let us know what you think about the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Close up! Via TSG


  1. The back actually looks like it might be a foamposite material and whats with the random chicks face on the photo lol

  2. Pigface and leather pants jokes aside, getting these here should be relatively easy again, so why not….may as well jump in there and try for a pair….they're not THAT bad…better than the 1's IMO….those felt/looked decent but I gave em up like a slut on prom night….if I manage to get these I'll keep em and rock em with tight leather pants and a Coogi sweater…..


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