March will be one of the most hectic months of 2012, for stores, individuals and resellers that will try to obtain the Black / Pink Nike Air Yeezy 2. The first colorway in the rumored “5 Yeezy” series will make it’s debut in March and with all of the hype surrounding Kanye West’s second sneaker, it would be wise to plan ahead if you’re trying to cop a pair. Here we have some updated info on the first colorway that will be releasing, including the first SKU of the Nike Air Yeezy 2. Stick with Modern Notoriety for more release info on the Nike Air Yeezy 2.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 Black / Pink NRG

nike_air_yeezy_2 (1)nike_air_yeezy_2 (3)


  1. MARCH 24 is the date. Get ready for yall to take take off on friday, stand or sit for over 12 hours and wait to your local spot to open up. Im coppin 2 pair missed out in 09

  2. who cares….just another shoe that people will cry about, stab each other over and then try to resell for a huge 100 dollar increase…maybe you can put a down payment on that yacht with the money from these wack ass shoes lol

  3. Don't be such a hater just cuz you lack the skills and swag to be in the sneaker game, both in understanding their equity and volume respective to the yeezy's…. Since obviously you don't understand the shoe game in general, we'll keep it light to the these.

  4. swag? yeah ok…why dont you just come out the closet and stop using "swag" as an excuse…ive been collecting shoes for 17 years this is nothing but hype surrounded around a wack ass shoe that everyone wants just so they can be cool…the shoe sucks, get over it…stop d*ck riding.

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