Last week, we gave you a look at this Black and Gold Nike Air Yeezy 2 custom created by PMK. Now we go further into the detailing of the shoe, including the strapped up box that was created for this custom. The Side Panels have been done up in gold adding an “Imperial-esque” look to the already amazing Yeezy 2 concept, which has been packaged in a wooden box with the addition of a strap on top. Let us know your thoughts on this custom by PMK.

  • gx5

    Took an ugly shoe and made it even uglier.

  • Fosterakahunter

    I’m sorry, but, these shoes have been tampered.

  • Fosterakahunter

    Actually, I saw these up close, and my opinion then was that IF one was to do it, a lighter grade paint should have been used. The “reptile” leather is too delicate for the gold paint that was used.