Nike announces a new online release system that will be implemented on and here’s how it’ll work.

Nike will tweet out a link to the drawing, which will open for 60 minutes.

From To receive your shoes from the comfort of home,choose as the pick-up method when you enter a drawing. If your name is drawn, you can buy your reserved pair on launch day and have it delivered to your doorstep.

PICK THEM UP FROMA NIKE STORE: To get them on your feet as fast as possible,choose your preferred Nike store as the pick-up method when you enter a drawing online. If your name is drawn, your reserved shoes will be waiting for you to purchase in person on launch day.

1. On Twitter, Nike will announce each drawing via select Nike Twitter feeds.

2. Once a drawing begins: Click the link in Nike’s Twitter post, sign in with Nike+, select your size and pick-up method, and hit submit. Nike will select names at random and email you within 24 hours with results.

3.If your name is drawn, we’ll email you information about when and how to purchase your reserved shoes.

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