Innovation on the Nike Blazer has taken place since the early 70s when the model first debuted, and today, it is presented in a whole new light, without laces. Featuring an asymmetrical zip on each shoe in its Mid form, the Blazer has been truly elevated featuring premium leather and a tweaked sole for a more modern look. Presented in a calm “Black/White” colorway, with a tonal black upper and white midsole to complete it, this is just a basic approach to the new model, with more surely coming in due time.

Select Nike retailers already have pairs for sale, such as END. Clothing, where you can take the Blazer to the next level with the Blazer Advanced in “Black/White”. What do you think of this new take on the Blazer? Would you like to see more innovation on iconic models from Nike? Share your thoughts with us @ModernNotoriety and stay tuned for more sneaker news.




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