The ultra classic Nike Cortez gets tapped for an “Asia City” pack marking some of Asia’s most high traffic points of interest. Each hub is represented by a two-tone colorway, and the 5 major cities all get a two letter representation on the heel. The ripstop based shoe was put together for Hong Kong,┬áTaipei, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and the whole set will be limited to an Asian market release. Peep the colorways representing the each big city and let us know which one came out the best.



Nike-Cortez-Asia-City-Pack-3-540x257 Nike-Cortez-Asia-City-Pack-4-540x257 Nike-Cortez-Asia-City-Pack-6-540x257 Nike-Cortez-Asia-City-Pack-52-540x257 Nike-Cortez-Asia-City-Pack-540x257

via SA


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