We can all agree that “Mom and Pop” shops were the foundation of the Sneaker Community and while most small shops have closed across the U.S, there’s still a few that remain. However in Philadelphia, Nike has cut ties with the some of the last few independently owned shops like Real Mcoy Athletic Footwear, Top Shoes, Center City Shoes and Shoe Plus. Let us know why you think Nike is cutting ties with Mom and Pop shops. Check out the small interview after the Jump and give us your opinion.

In a recent Philly.com article they report that Nike is cutting ties with several local stores in the Philadelphia and Camden regions starting with three Real McCoy Athletic Footwear locations who store manager Keith Sherman, stated Nike products account for 75 to 80 percent of his store’s sales. Also effected by this are “mom and pops” stores like Top Shoes, Center City Sports and Shoe Plus. As for now no word on why Nike has terminated these stores contracts. Some of the on going troubles many sneaker fans face in getting limited products from retailers include jacking up prices, making “back door sales”, stores eBay’ing goods, selling before release dates or selling limited products to their friends just to name a few of the many problems that occur all to often with limited releases. With that being said Nike has some problems of their own which need immediate addressing such as their online release system and the war against bots which leave many empty handed. Check the clippings from the article below and let us know what you think?

“We had scheduled a meeting at the Nike Headquarters in Portland, Oregon with our sales rep,” Sherman said. “And that meeting was canceled that day — they wouldn’t even see us,” he added. The account termination email arrived in store owner William Chung’s inbox shortly after the canceled meeting in Portland. The notice listed “no reasons whatsoever” as to why Nike was severing ties with the shop. Sherman says Real McCoy Athletic Footwear has been doing “good business” with Nike for over 23 years.

Nike said in a statement released to CBS3:

“Nike is constantly evaluating its distribution needs with a view to enhancing its brand. This includes adapting our distribution strategy to the changes in our consumers’ purchasing behavior, the retail landscape, and our brand strategy.”



Quoted piece by Decipher

Why do You think Nike’s cutting ties with Small Businesses?

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  1. i think its great i live in philly and those shops mentioned all ways sold to friend and ebayed there inventory nike know whats up dont play stupid you know why you d_ c_heads lost the accounts just like some city blue stores and accounts.so dont cry!

      • modernnotoriety VladSneakerhead you know guys only legit shops are big retailers becouse they are making money regardless,footlocker,ubiq,ruvilla,and so on.last time in philadelphia there is Frankili Mills Mall well when GMP Came out even big retailers lost Jordan Brand Accounts due to back door sales.So its very big business and even managers at footlocker,finishline and city blue were involved many got fired.it was big thing,so i think when you see on ebay people guarantee and promice every size 3 in each size on day of release when you preorder for 100$ over retail were do you think they get them?small mom pop shops!!!selling there inventory on ebay for over retail!i really dont care becouse i know if i wake up at 4 or 5 am and get in line at ubiq or footlocker i will have 99% out of 100% getting a pair.but even there there is inside sales ubiq last year had yeezy 2 but only posted that they had them with sold out link on there website so it was all sold in store to employees so go figure same as limited dunk releases Ubiq does same last time dunk SPot came out link was posted on website with sold out right away so it goes on every were BIG DOLLARS are beeng made even at biggest shop we have here in Philadelphia.

      • Nike did their research. They closed those shops specifically because they were doing things they weren’t supposed to be doing. If your business is legit, you don’t have to worry.

  2. Dang that’s tough!  However, some of those shops were known for shady business practices over the past few major releases.  They should’ve known their day would come.  as for the legit shops you soeak of, collatoral damage or guilt by association perhaps.  Hey Modern-Notoriety, here’s a story for you.  How about you get Nike and Jordan Brand to give an oficial statement as to why all Mills outlet malls no longer get retros. I’m sending a request to Counterkicks, Sneakernews, Sneakerbar Detroit, Nice Kicks, TSG, Sneakerfiles, and Sneakerwatch after I finish this post.  It’s total BS that no Mills malls have an official statement for their customers except “we no longer get retros at this location”.  No one on Niketalk or ISS seems to have an answer either.

  3. The mom and pop shops are the ones doing those shady practices described above. You think those resellers on eBay got 10 pairs of those limited Foams from Footlocker?

  4. Real Mccoy is known for jacking up prices for more than double the retail. About time they get their accounts removed

  5. Cut ties with Nike over yesterday’s police in Cambodia, stun-gunning
    Nike women, workers trying to get a wage increase of $17 a month! Nike
    is a monster.


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