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We’ve all seen it, PE’s, Samples, “Look See”, and the question that has always escaped answer has been “where do these kicks come from?” Today we get a fresh glimpse just as to where, and the root starts at Nike HQ believe it or not. As detailed by The Smoking Gun, a product manager from Nike involved himself in a hasty plan that took him from Nike employee to sneaker world antiquities dealer. By using his insider access to acquire large amounts of rare and never to be reproduced kicks, the employee in question, via a middle man, profited off these stolen goods through an intricate system that ended with a sneaker dealer based out of Florida. The dealer would, after acquiring these genuine yet hot goods, sell them to sneaker collectors and boutiques, which explains where these kicks have been coming from all along. Though we do not know if this is an isolated incident or a wide-spread problem on the Nike campus, it certainly raises some questions. With the height of the rare sneaker game soaring like MJ from the free-throw line, what can Nike do to protect themselves and their employees from the allure of those big bucks, and will this be the end of PE’s and samples hitting the blogosphere?

We in no way condone theft, but to play devil’s advocate, Nike’s hype and image has certainly profited off the desire for information and rare finds. Are the crew at Nike going to accidentally undo the best marketing plan of all time, or will the tighter security lead us back to the day of legitimate releases? These scenarios will keep us all guessing, but one thing’s for sure, this Nike employee will probably switch to rocking adidas after he gets out of jail.

Read the full article via The Smoking Gun

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