If you’re not familiar with the Inneva Woven, then you probably didn’t know that it takes 8 hours to create a pair in the production line.  The woven upper is so intricate that quality has to be top notch.  This pair of Inneva’s in particular features caramel camel suede on the back heel, which contrasts the woven wolf grey upper perfectly.  A white Free midsole with very subtle grey speckling grounds this shoe while high quality leather smothers the inner liner.  Rope laces that appear to be a similar color to the camel suede are also featured on this shoe creating a very nice Inneva Woven.  There is no word on a release date so stay tuned with us for when we receive any information.

Nike-Free-Inneva-Woven Nike-Free-Inneva-Woven-3 Nike-Free-Inneva-Woven-2  Nike-Free-Inneva-Woven-6 Nike-Free-Inneva-Woven-5


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