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The largest collection of Galaxy inspired sneakers debuted during All Star weekend last month but there were a few silhouettes we wouldnt’ve mind seeing hit retailers. Along with Iguodala, Tony Parker and Russel Westbrook, Blake Griffin sported one of the best PE’s out of all 4. The theme for BG’s Hyperdunk, was of course a galaxy inspired concept but with a moon image on the uppers, galaxy laces and a heck of a lot more detail. Let us know if you’ll want to see the Nike Hyperdunk 2011 “Galaxy” in the future! Via Ty

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  1. best shoe of the galaxy line hopefully nike does a release sometime this summer as a house of hoop exclusive with the rest of the other unreleased all star pe kicks…..

  2. better then the foams my ass, you wouldnt say that if you had the foams but that being said, these are definitely nice and the fact we have another “new images” section lets me know this things must be releasing sometime soon…

  3. Been than the foams!!!! IDGAF what YOU gotta say. YOU just d*ck riding Nike by buying into the foam hype. I would rather wear THESE than those ugly ass galaxy foams. There just an Eggplant foam with a nebula design painted over!! SMDH

  4. These are too nice… so much detail put into the shoe. A release is unlikely but I need a pair of these on my hands.


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