Nike has unveiled its collection of ISPA footwear and apparel that is set to release throughout the remainder of 2020. You can read about those here and here, but if plain ol’ reading is not your style, the Nike ISPA team has created a new interactive website to better showcase their upcoming lineup.

The website, ISPA Live, is described as “an interactive digital community learning space” and will be accessible at starting on July 6th. Earlier this week, select members of the media, including us here at Modern Notoriety, were given early access to the site. We took some screenshots to give y’all a sneak peek.

Upon entering the site, we were greeted by Niek Pulles, better known as HEYNIEK, a Special Projects and Innovation designer at Nike. Niek issued us an #ISPAChallenge, to create something new with whatever materials you can find around the house. This challenge highlights Nike ISPA’s design philosophy, summarized by its four tenets: Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, and Adapt. HEYNIEK shows us his final creation a little later.

We were then given live video briefings on the forthcoming products, led by Nike ISPA footwear designers Darryl Matthews and Shamees Aden and ISPA apparel designer Nur Abbas. The site also features a chatroom, a deceivingly hard puzzle, and a downloadable zine by PRODISM.

After a briefing on the upcoming footwear lineup, the group was asked to vote for the model that they were most looking forward to. With our cursor, we voted “P” for the Flow 2020, but the clear winner was “S” for the Overreact.

Towards the end of the experience, HEYNIEK returned to reveal his #ISPAChallenge creation, a new workstation. Be sure to check out yourself on July 6th starting at 11am CDT (password is ISPA*2020!) and stay tuned to Modern Notoriety for future updates on Nike ISPA.


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