What do an apple orchard and a basketball court have in common? A lot, if you ask Kevin Durant.

Durant, who led the league in scoring four out of the last five years, is a perfectionist and hard-working student of offensive efficiency and shot analytics. Durant views the basketball court similar to an orchard where every shot is an apple.

“I approach scoring like apple picking,” says Durant. “Keep the good ones and leave the rotten ones.”

The apple-picking concept inspired the KD7 Good Apples shoe, the latest version of Durant’s seventh signature shoe that fuses performance innovation with inspirations from Durant’s journey on and off the court. The KD7 Good Apples shoe features splashes of red and green.

The reigning MVP tailors his shooting drills around numerical imbalances and efficiency, with a philosophy based on prioritizing. This approach has become a fun competition within the game for Durant.

“Let’s say you have 40 apples on your tree,” says Durant. “I could eat about 30 of them, but I’ve begun limiting myself to 15 or 16. Let’s take the wide-open three and post-up at the nail. Those are good apples. Let’s throw out the pull-up three in transition and the step-back fade away. Those are rotten apples.”

The KD7 Good Apples shoe debuts on and at select retail locations globally on Oct. 4.

Nike KD 7
Black/Action Red-Medium Mint
October 4, 2014

Nike-KD-7-good-apple-on-feet-images Nike-KD-7-good-apple-on-feet-images-1

Additional Images: @Simons_sportswear

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  1. Those are fake it’s supposed to say Nike zoom on the outside of the shoe and the letters in Nike are nit that large on an authentic pair


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