At first glance, You can’t help but to think about the “Grinch” theme that was featured on a signature sneaker 2 years ago, but make no mistake as these are the same “Jade” themed Lebron 10’s we showed you last week. Although reported to be a China Exclusive, It is possible that these will release stateside just like the Lebron 9 “China” Last year. Let us know if you’ll be copping these if dropped.



  1. This is a regular Lebron X without Nike+ the difference is that its a regular swoosh if were to have the 3D swoosh it will be a Nike+ just like the “Rubies” and the Olympics.

  2. @Kevin
    Yes, I noticed. For the time being, I don’t see the 3D swoosh on the regular version.
    The 10s + features also the Nike+ logo on the outsole.

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