Out of the Elite pack, the Nike LeBron 10 gets beefed up the most. With an extensive carbon fiber application, the LeBron 10 is built for sheer force and unstoppable power. The build on the Elite version should help LBJ withstand the grind that comes with playoff basketball thanks to an enhanced Flywire employment and the addition of kevlar laces and the foam padded tongue. The Knicks inspired colorway is a product of the Superhero pack, a role LeBron is embracing thanks to his current run with the boys down on South Beach.


LEBRON X PS ELITE: Unstoppable Power

Forged by time, heat and pressure, the diamond inspires LeBron James’s tenth Nike signature shoe. His elite version drafts off the rare Carbonado diamond, a virtually indestructible stone said to derive from an ancient supernova, the most explosive force in the universe. The shoe’s bright citrus colorway and graphic collar lining capture James’s unstoppable power.

The LEBRON X PS ELITE is designed to be stronger, offering the highest level of performance for James in the post season. The shoe builds on the innovative advances of the LEBRON X and takes it to a new level with:

  • Carbon fiber-reinforced mid-foot wings for excellent lateral stability
  • Kevlar® aramid-reinforced Nike Flywire technology for consistent lock-down through the midfoot
  • Kevlar® aramid laces resist stretching for a more consistent fit
  • Articulated foam tongue provides impact protection and minimizes lace pressure







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