With the ever growing sneaker market reaching an all time high, prices are also being increased as the demand has grown more than ever. We’ve all seen the price increase with the previous Air Jordan Retro’s, but the upcoming Lebron 10 is something out of this world. Said to retail at $315, the Nike Lebron 10 will be the most expensive Basketball sneaker in the history of Nike releases (aside from the Nike Mag which was an auction shoe), and the first signature shoe to feature the new Nike + Technology.  The regular version will retail at $180, just $10 more than the Lebron 9.  Will you be purchasing this shoe for fashion or for performance? Let us know what you think. Via Examiner


  1. i don't see a ring on any of those fingers. If jordan isn't retailing their shoes at this price, what gives lebron that right? I would rather put the $315 towards older released kicks

  2. I heard that the ones without + are gonna be 250$ retail… I hope they have a icy sole.. And somebody from nike told me that they are the best so far but they say that about every new pair so who really knows

  3. ya'll might as well get used to shoes going for $300+ for retail cause every shoe that drops on nike.com sells out in minutes consumers make the prices of the shoes not nike, so when you guys blow wild amounts of money on shoes that shows nike that you all can afford so think before you purchase

  4. I love sneakers true enough but 350$? Really?! I understand hype is at an all time high and there has suddenly been a surplus of "Sneakerheads" added to the game but this sh*t is outrageous!

  5. It will be fine they will drop, sell a bit stay on selves and then go on sale ready to be robocopped at the right price. Lebron 9’s went down to £60 in full size run ready to cop this will be the same. However I must say the new tech in the shoe is crazy!!!!

  6. Maybe this is what finally brings the sneaker game down to reality. People will buy them, wear em a few times and realize there is nothing special about them. Just a big price tag. Something needs to happen, stuff has gotten crazy.

  7. Yea the heat HAVE TO WIN THE SHIP cuz if they don't Nike is gonna look real stupid with this high priced ass sneaker!

  8. Lol the lux end up at outlet for $60… I have been stress free for the past couple months. I am not buying all this hype up kicks and can't wait for this brooke kids to be broke lol so i can go shopping spree.

  9. HONESTLY! i havent found any lebron shoe that really stands out to me … i mean with jays their more versatile.. i can wear em with my jeans, and be fly… never-less hoop in them an be fly ass fuck ! with lebrons they just look strictly like ah basketball shoe.. i wear jays ! wtf i look like payin $315 dollars for someone shoes that cant prove he can win ah championship ? NIKE got the game fuckkkkked up !

  10. Lebron james is illuminati so theres no fighting the price tag….

    also, if JB THINKS about raising there price tag on stupid ass retros it better be about the quality….

    imagine the retro lebron 10, price tag gona be $550


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