Nike LeBron x Air Yeezy 1 “Net”

LeBron James was seen wearing a peculiar pair of Nike LeBron 15’s at Session 1 of Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League.

LeBron at Session 1 of Nike’s EYBL.

The color scheme and blocking is a direct homage to the Air Yeezy 1 “Net”. The beige upper, glow-in-the-dark outsole, pink ankle lining, and large strap over the laces are all references to Kanye West’s first collaboration with Nike, released back in 2009.

Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Net”

This shoe seems to be a personal pair that Nike created for LeBron, as evidenced by the “Breezy” nickname stitched into the heel tabs. Plus Nike has moved on to the LeBron 16 model, so don’t expect this shoe to release anytime soon, if ever.

LeBron sharing the meaning behind “BREEZY” on his IG story.



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