The Nike Lebron 9 “Freegums” could’ve featured a bit more detail on the outer part of the shoe but unfortunately, the only detail the release version had was the “Freegums” liner and insole. However, Gourmet Kickz custom made his own rendition of the Freegums, by taking the best part of the shoe which was the insole, and added it on to the carbon fiber. Rest assure that if this version released, it would’ve killed. See the Nike Lebron 9 “Freegums” Inside Out after the jump. Via Gourmetkickz


  1. I just want somebody to outline the design on the front of shoe in black to bring out the subtle design and make the shoe how it should have been.btw not feeling the black,white and red crust going around the shoe but the free gum design on the weave pure genius


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