Bet Ya didn’t expect these Palm Tree’d out Lebron 9 Lows to glow in the dark? With ton’s of photos already released including an Ebay listing, Theuptown2k gave us one last look at another hidden feature many of us didn’t see coming. The sole on these Lebron 9 Low’s glow in the dark giving this colorway some extra cool points. These joints won’t release but you can head over to Ebay and scoop up a sample pair. You Can Buy them Now

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  1. Ha ha who ever buys these is dumb as hell it is already at $2,700 for a Nike shoe that took $10 to make damn some dumb. Ass people out there who ever is bidding better be like so millionaire or something to waste money so frivolously

    • @Rockaway Bully I roll with these hard. Definately an I catching with that “golf” theme. BUt 2700 naw. You know how it is though, there are people with the money so it nothing to them. They don’t have these types of auction for regular copers, these are for the obsessed collectors will to shell out any amount to be different.  But they are still nice. If I made 300K a year I would buy them stright up if they were in my size.


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