Nike named Lebron James ‘Employee of the Year’ after winning his 3rd MVP. To celebrate this special occasion, Nike quickly published photos of the ‘MVP’ Nike Lebron 9 that features a Miami Heat themed color on the uppers, and a speckled gradient effect that transitions from red to black. The insole also displays Lebron’s 3 MVP trophies from previous years. Let us know if you’ll be copping if dropped.










    • Y would they use the elite. He played the regular season with the regular 9 and te regular season is al that matters when it comes to who wins the MVP. Just saying

      • Because the Elite is a slim down version of his show. Every yet the do the PS (post season) it’s a lighter version. Playoffs he needs to feel a diff between the regular season anything to try to get an edge over the opposition I guess. But they do it because it’s the playoffs and it’s lighter footwear

  1. Good CW all of you guys are just hating. ^Youre just mad cause h came to miami instead of any other city. Stop the hating hes in miami let it be.

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