Easily one of the hottest new technologies for the sneaker industry, Nike’s new flyknit upper has touched all sorts of models including the very popular NSW Lunar Flyknit Chukka. It’s been awhile since any new color schemes have made their way to the market but these three new color schemes have just arrived onto the scene. Hit up shops like Politics to grab your pair today and let us know if you’re feeling these via our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

nike_Lunar_Flyknit_chukka_october_Sneaker_politics2_1024x1024 nike_Lunar_Flyknit_chukka_october_Sneaker_politics9_1024x1024 nike_Lunar_Flyknit_chukka_october_Sneaker_politics13_1024x1024 nike_Lunar_Flyknit_chukka_october_Sneaker_politics6_1024x1024 nike_Lunar_Flyknit_chukka_october_Sneaker_politics18_1024x1024 nike_Lunar_Flyknit_chukka_october_Sneaker_politics17_1024x1024 nike_Lunar_Flyknit_chukka_october_Sneaker_politics6-2_1024x1024 nike_Lunar_Flyknit_chukka_october_Sneaker_politics20_1024x1024 nike_Lunar_Flyknit_chukka_october_Sneaker_politics22_1024x1024


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