Megan Rapinoe has been a Nike-sponsored athlete for over a decade now. The US Women’s soccer star and the Swoosh are now ready to embark on their next chapter together.

Rapinoe, no stranger to brand alliances and limelight, isn’t looking to put her name on just another product or temporary campaign. “When I spoke with Nike about the next chapter in our relationship, what excited us most was building something new,” said Rapinoe. “This partnership is about pushing for progress in many different areas. I’ve had free-reign to explore different parts of Nike and I keep finding ways we can open doors for more people.”

For this next chapter, Nike and Rapinoe are presenting a cohesive new logo. Named “Victory Redefined,” the logo is a visual of what the duo aims to accomplish: a new definition of community and what victory looks like throughout everyone’s journey. The goddess of victory inspires the logo’s “V,” angled to visualize forward movement. From start to finish, Rapinoe hopes to make shared experiences a standard within the community and bring more people together.

“It’s the kind of conversation that more athletes should be having. That more athletes deserve to be having,” she said. “This not about me and Nike, it’s about what Nike and I can do together…to redefine what victory means for all communities and all people.”

The reveal of the new logo coincides with the launch of Megan’s curated Nike collection. Rapinoe has selected a versatile assortment of her favorite apparel pieces from Nike’s Fall/Holiday ’21 offerings, including the NSW Swoosh FLC GX Hoodie, NSW Swoosh PLSH GX HR Pant, NSW Storm-FIT Tech Pack Poncho, W Pro 8+ Shorts, Swoosh Leopard Shine Bra, and NSW SFADV Tech Pack Parka. Each piece will be available to shop from and directly from Rapinoe’s social media posts.

Yesterday, Nike announced its first college student-athlete sponsorship, selecting UCLA women’s soccer player Reilyn Turner to join team Swoosh. In an effort to revamp its athlete model, Turner and Rapinoe’s presence will push Nike to make more meaningful partnerships, especially among female athletes.

The first Nike apparel featuring Megan Rapinoe’s “Victory Redefined” logo will be available in Fall 2022. A co-created collection with Nike designer is currently scheduled for a 2023 release. Check out photos of Rapinoe modeling pieces from her curated collection below.


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