Available now at House of Hoops, is the Nike “NBA Draft Lottery” Pack that consists of the Nike Air Pippen 1 featuring the defunct Seattle Supersonics colors, and the Nike Air Max Sensation that features an Orlando theme. The pack takes us back to the early Draft Days of Scottie Pippen and Chris Webber, who were picked by teams that traded them immediately after. Scottie Pippen was selected by the Seattle Supersonics but was traded to the Chicago Bulls in 87, while Webber was picked up by Orlando. What would’ve happened if both legends stayed with their original teams? Who knows. You can pick up these now over at HOH.

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  1. The Sensations could have been sensational had Nike used LEATHER like back in the day…#NubuckRuinsClassics…(Anybody know if NikeTalk is down today?)

  2. If these r the webbers like we all grew up to know shit I even had a pair so please tell me y didn’t they use the one w his logo and number on back instead of them fake as sensations give the man his shine damn

  3. This shoe was designed for cweb and they had the sickest logo for him but when the retroed these joints they took the name and the logo and the tumbled leather away for what reason I don’t know but if I was nike I would try to do better not worst I would like to gain fans not lose over something that simple that true heads hate for them to do u don’t get it Nike we want what we grew up w that’s the reason y we go crazy for retro it’s the memories and the feelings we got when we were kids to see our fav players rock them shits and niggas in the hood can have them to remember I’m cwebb or I’m Jordan today or Barkley ect think about it

  4. they cant use webber’s name or his likeness because webber flat out called nike out on their bullshit in 1996..at the time his shoes were the most expensive on the market even more expensive than jordans…he told nike that if they didnt lower the price of his shoe he would sever ties…the shoe was $140 and webber said it didnt make sense how he could go and speak to inner city youths and then on the other hand tell them to go buy his shoes when they couldnt afford them…he also spoke about the violence that was connected with high priced sneakers….webber did what michael jordan never would……speak for his community.


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