Nike pushed boundaries with the introduction of FlyKnit technology last year. The process of creating a full knitted upper from a spool helped create arguably the most popular overall shoe of 2012 and spawning a new format for creating sneakers. The FlyKnit Lunar1 + takes on the task of providing the everyday runner the comfort and feel of the FlyKnight Racer which was tailored more to the running style of marathoners. Aside from the technical benefits the shoe provides, it is also a stunning set of footwear to look at, with lots of potential to be and every day pair for the casual consumer. Added comfort, a broad selection of colorways, and many extra options like + technology will make these a popular hit whether you need a running shoe or a casual performer come this February.


Mens_Flyknit_Lunar1__b_large Mens_Flyknit_Lunar1__d_large Womens_Flyknit_Lunar1__b_large Womens_Flyknit_Lunar1__c_large Womens_Flyknit_Lunar1__d_large

via Nike Inc. 


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