Nike continues to fuel its “Move to Zero” movement, following the reveal of a Summer 2021 footwear lineup, with the addition of an all-new circular consumer offering, Nike Refurbished.

Nike Refurbished offers a second life for footwear, demonstrating innovation in sustainability and carbon footprint reduction efforts. As the program rolls out throughout Nike locations, shoes that are returned during Nike’s 60-day window will either be refurbished and available to purchase again or ground up to create their proprietary Nike Grind. Each pair that goes back on the shelves will be hand-inspected and given a condition grade of “like new,” “gently worn,” or “cosmetically flawed.” Prices for the resold pairs will be based on footwear type and condition grade.

When the time comes to get a new pair of sneakers, Nike Refurbished will provide the sustainable heat you need, and when your favorite kicks have no wear left, simply donate them to be used for the next pair as Nike Grind.

Nike Refurbished has been confirmed at 15 Nike locations across the U.S. (click here for a full list) and will continue to expand throughout the U.S. and beyond during 2021.


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