Roshes and any variation of the cement Jordan 3’s are up there on the list of what lots of sneakerheads consider as beaters. Combine the two and you get this interesting mashup by JP Custom Kicks. These dropped in January, but are perfect for the warm weather coming up. The simplicity of the Roshe Runs make a great background for any mashup. Remember the Yeezy Roshes? Well, the cement print looks just as dope. Let us know in the comments if you would cop these.

image (11)

image (9)

image (10)

image (8)

image (6)

image (7)

image (5)


  1. Hi there,

    I’m really interested in these roshe runs. Is there any way I can by a pair. I’m size 11. Name your price and I can make it happen if agreed to. Please email me back with your answer asap. Thank you

  2. I really want a pair of the Custom True Blue 3 Nike Roshe Run how can i get a pair? Please email me about this!!

  3. Hi,

    I would love to have a pair of either the True Blue or Cement Roshe Runs. I wear a size 12. If there is any possible way that I can be able to order these please email me. If not, please still email me so I can continue on my searching.

    Thank you,

    Nike Addict


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