It’s easy to give a sneaker a nickname relevant to the concept but sometimes, we miss the actual facts behind what inspired it. A perfect example would be the Nike SB Dunk “Huxtable” which was thought to be a Bill Cosby inspired colorway, but was recently revealed to be inspired by the famous Coogi Sweater Biggie flick that shows the iconic rapper counting paper. The concept was introduced by Ben G skateshop a few years back and became a hit colorway in the SB line. Have you copped your pair yet?



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  1. This is why Nike should give an official name to a sneaker if they’re inspired by someone or something instead of leaving it up to us to figure out what inspired the shoe or what it’s based off of. If they told everyone beforehand that these were inspired by biggie, then everyone would be after them and they probably be overhyped.

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