You have to admit, Michael Vick had some of the coldest Signature Sneakers up until the legal problems. The Nike Vick signature sneaker only saw up to the IV, with a Pending 5th signature sneaker that was cancelled due to Vick’s bad press. However, next year, Nike Will be bringing back the Nike Zoom Vick 2 in the OG colorway and Jets rendition. No word on a release date yet but here’s a first look at the upcoming colorway. Let us know if you’ll be copping when they drop!






  1. I remember when these came out during Vick’s falcon days. These kix will forever be one of my favorite athlete signature shoes.

  2. It is a shame Nike still chooses to glorify this disgusting piece of trash. Not a penny of my money goes to Nike. Why you choose to align yourself with someone so evil is beyond me. And before anyone goes into the whole “He did his time” spiel, I will remind you that Vick did not serve ONE SINGLE MINUTE for the systemic fighting, torturing, starving, electrocuting, drowning and murdering of those dogs. His time was served for gambling. And he still has not apologized to those dogs. He is only sorry he got caught.

    • Well only god can judge not you he mad his mistakes and ge paid gis debt to society and he did apologize to the league and his fans and also his family went thru changes we all have sinned and who mad your ass god

    • I’m glad you’re not God. God teaches us to forgive one another for their wrong. Your not perfect and neither is he. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone. Don’t worry I’ll wait. I thought so. I’m not saying what he did was right, but everyone deserves a second chance.

    • Did you read the court documents, I don’t believe you realize what he was charged for. Please read them first, you seem to making your comments based on Fox News as a source. After you read them maybe we could have enlightened conversation.

    • Man shut the hell up many have had dog fights,he did his time. Nike got every right to do as they please to,and so do vick. Ain’t nothing you can do to stop it you dam hater.

    • How do you apologize to dead dogs? Just wondering seems really hard. How will you ever know if they accept your apology or not.

    • You sound retarded! In other news young unarmed kids are being killed by the people sworn to protect and serve us and able to go home to their families.

      • Torture…this was torture he carried out over years. If you can torture a dog u could torture a child.. very sick human being. He should have been subject to torture himself and death. That would have been real justice.

        • First off cor, some of those dogs were to vicious to stay alive…so mike vick did what he thought was best…and that was to euthanize them….no different from what a veterinarian would do, if in fact the dog is vicious


      • EVERYBODY DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BLS STFU. I bet you, your a very privilege white man/woman in the top 1% of America. Who’s never had to deal with any real human issues that go on everyday. So you go find some bullshit issue to jump on board. so you can pretend to be a regular blue collar citizen, but really your rich. Because if you weren’t you would concerned about real issues. Like our unarmed young black youth being shot dead.

  3. With all the deserving athletes, they endorse low life Michael Sick Vick. These sneakers should be yellow to symbolize the coward he is. He needs to go into the ring himself instead of torturing animals for his pleasure and profit. To people lover, your attitude that there was nothing wrong with what he did is a major part of the problem. Anyone who would enjoy making animals suffer would be a threat to people as well. Sociopaths like Vick should be locked up in a mental ward like they did once before. You don’t sit back and forgive and forget a monster like this like this did whether he did it to a dog or a child. This isn’t about how good a football player he is; it’s about how good a human being he is.

  4. There should be a blood spattered version. That would be a true representation of this sick sociopath torturer who forever has blood on his hands that can never be washed away.

      • Yes, you are ignorant. You care more about this thing made up of sewer sludge & filth than you do about the atrocities this it committed. When a living thing screams out in tortured agony & a thing like this puss pocket continues the abuse & pain inflicting anyone who thinks this can be forgiven or paid for with jail time is as twisted as this pig slop.

      • You are ignorant & mentally deficient if you do not realize that these are & always will be the actions of a sociopath. This is an aberration of humanity, sewer sludge. Death would be too good for this heartless, cruel, torturing, sick piece of filth. Only worse torture than this trash inflicted would do as a slight bit of justice. Don’t agree or like it? I don’t give a damn.

  5. Returning my new nikes tomorrow. I thought nike was done with that p.o.s. TORTURE….ill never be over what VICK DID. if i could get over that i wouldnt be human in my opinion. Lost me again nike.

  6. Michael vick lost a lot for his mistake. Now for the ones thats against michael vick I’m pretty sure that you own a piece of jewelry with real diamond or diamonds encrusted now try to imagine how many young poor African kids died for that one diamond or diamonds your showing off….the answer is in the hundreds…just something to think about before judging someone for there mistakes…

  7. Soooo how bout them shoes tho .. I’m sure there is a PETA page y’all can go hate monger on. This is about wether you would buy the shoes or not PERIOD

  8. I am sitting here reading this shit you are posting, u should be ashamed of yourself. People make mistakes. …period. As a country when did we get to this point where we don’t forgive anymore ! The guy did his time, admitted to his wrongs paid his debt to society paid all of his debt and trying to move on with his life, so should we man. That shit was 8 years ago. He lost his 100 million dollar contract. The love of his city. And was taken from his family for 24 months. This is why every pair of shoes in my closet has a swoosh on it……..big up to Nike for believing in 2nd chances…..sometimes we all need one. One love ( to all black and white etc). We all God’s children


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