Gary Payton’s sig shoe has been getting a lot of love lately thanks to Nike Zoom Flight 98 set for a comeback, and “The Glove” as its known is poised to hit the streets  this year. The first colorway, the black, white and red mock was slated for an early 2013 drop, but the shoe is probably going to get a Summer release. The popularity of the shoe stems from its funky design thanks to a dope neoprene shroud that masks the the madness going on underneath. This is probably a good representation of Gary who was as intense a competitor there was, and there was no better way to bring that out in him stylistically that with The Glove’s. Check out the on-foot gallery and bask in all of the late-90’s bball glory.


nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-2-570x381 nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-3-570x249 nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-4-570x341 nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-5-570x332 nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-6-570x282 nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-7-570x416 nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-8-570x377 nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-9-570x375 nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-10-570x287 nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-11-570x357 nike-zoom-flight-98-the-glove-2013-retro-16-570x364

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