The previously teased ACG return is here for real, and though they’ve gone through some growing pains it appears the end result was worth the wait. The newly tailored urban/rugged collection is full of proper offerings that fill a void in the Nike lineup. Dubbed, officially, the NikeLab ACG series, this collection focuses on durable outerwear, accessories and footwear. Designed under the skilled eye of Acronym’s Errolson Hugh, these goods are more than ready to take on what 2015 has to throw at us. In Hugh’s own words:

“Our question was, what can we build with ACG that no one else can build? How do we ensure, beyond being technically superb, that this is distinctively Nike? We came back to athleticism, and the athlete being at Nike’s core. Setting the athlete down in the center of the urban landscape really brought it all home for us.”

The performance minded line puts usability first, all the while being mindful of constant fit, design and aesthetics, a process that draws inspiration from the sports world. Hugh himself had this to say on the subject:

“Specifically looking at athletes, there’s a stance that’s universal to all sports. In martial arts it’s often called the ‘ready’ or ‘neutral’ stance, and it’s a precursor to just about any type of movement. Your center of gravity is neutral, but it’s dropped. Your ankles, knees and elbows are bent. You’re in a kind of half-crouch, but you’re looking forwards. For ACG, we drafted the fit block with that posture rather than the typical straight-limbed static one. Readiness is physically encoded into the silhouette of the collection. We call it the all conditions fit because it suggests the ability to transition to any movement and to any situation.”

The first collection will feature jackets, pants, sweatshirts and more. Oh, and there is footwear as well, don’t forget. Cop the initial release starting December 18th via one of these locations: NikeLab 21 Mercer NYC, NikeLab DSM NYC, Niketown New York, NikeLab 1948 LDN, NikeLab DSM LDN, NikeLab P75 Paris, NikeLab LNZ1 Milan and NikeLab DSM Ginza in Tokyo.





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