Through their compassionate service, focus on the community, and outstanding Latin American cuisine, Nini’s Deli has become one of top go-to lunch spots in the city of Chicago. The restaurant is run by Juan-Elias Riesco, who took over management duties in 2012 and transformed the small, neighborhood corner store founded by his parents into what it is today: a mainstay in the Chicago food scene.

Nike has honored Nini’s Deli staff, friends, and family with their own Air Force 1. It is dressed in a pink and brown color scheme, matching the walls and the decor of the restaurant. The pink brick walls of Nini’s exterior are seen on the insole, while the tongue tag features the restaurant’s info on it — the address on the outer, visible side and the hours on the inner side.

If you ever get a chance to visit Nini’s Deli, we recommend grabbing the Kitchen Sink sandwich and a Café Con Leche, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Grab a detailed look at the Nini Force 1 below.


  1. Wow Nike ripped them off. They left a lot of money on the table not negotiating for a wider release/collab. Smaller brands need to stop letting these billion dollar companies profit off them/use them as marketing in exchange for a handful of custom af1s. Feel bad for these guys.


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