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Fresh off of a hot collab with New Balance, Danish brand Norse Projects are back with a new and broader collaboration that sees them working with Vans Vault, Kvadrat and Poul Kjærholm, which will be going under the name “Stoflighed”. For those of you who aren’t up on your Danish, this word represents a combination of materiality and texture, and a quick skim of this collection will reveal the finesse with which the contributing parties pulled it off. The collection spans not only the Era and Chukka silhouettes from Vans but also a variety of furniture pieces, each of which tie in via the “Stoflighed” mentality. First grabs on these will be via colette on September 9th, while a more broad-scale release will take place on the 28th.

norse-vans vault_03 norse-vans vault_06 norse-vans vault_05 norse-vans vault_04 norse-vans vault_08 norse-vans vault_07 norse-vans vault norse-vans vault_10 norse-vans vault_09


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