You may recall a recent post about an Ohio teen attempting to rob (at gun point) someone who was luckier than he in the ticket system for acquiring the Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blues”. Three teens were involved, one was killed after pulling a gun on the victim, who in turn shot back fatally. The remaining teens were booked, with one walking away from juvenile detention and the other being charged with involuntary manslaughter and robbery. The teen is learning a hard lesson about Ohio law, where anyone involved in a robbery can be held accountable for a murder which occurs during or due to the crime. Ohio prosecutors are pushing to have the 16 year old tried as an adult, with a hearing scheduled for next Tuesday. It’s a sad day when a sneaker release brings someone to such a dire situation. While we love sneakers, once again, we must remind you all it is not that serious. Stay safe and enjoy the kicks you do own. Stay tuned for developments on the trial.

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  1. Blacks are willing to kill over sneakers because there are no jobs and poor education not because where ignorant animals. As long as there is such bad income disparity this evil will exist. I simply wish the black on black crime would stop there are white n Asian boys who stand online for sneakers every other week at fancy boutiques with way flyer cloths on and way more money in their pocket. They stole our sneaker culture just like everything else and are capitalizing on it as resellers, all you thugs should go rob them not your own kind who love the sneakers they buy and likly want them to wear. extrabutter, kith, concepts… And many more Goons Assemble!


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