The Nike Air Huarache is a highly slept on Nike Running classic that carved out a niche in the industry, and paved the way for many to follow in its proverbial footsteps. The shoe, made by Tinker Hatfield, proposed a new way to look at training shoes by offering a “Dynamic Fit” thanks to the neoprene, spandex, and mesh composition of the upper that was meant to hug your foot much like the traditional Mexican Huarache sandal it is inspired by.

This approach led to a set of footwear that was truly ahead of it’s time as it spawned a whole new sector in the annals of Nike, as well as implored rival shoemakers to create shoes that mimicked the inner booty style design for many years to come. Such a landmark pair of sneakers deserves a proper rehash, and thanks to the OG versions that are set to bring back the Huarache in its original form, we are lucky to get an accurate representation of the original shoe. Check out some photos of the brainstorm process that led to building the Nike Air Huarache from the ground up.


chillihuarache huarachepatent2 huarachepatent3 huarachesketch huarachesketch1 jimredmond jordanhuarache seinfeldhuarache2 serchhuarache

Via Crooked Tongues


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