This past Saturday, dozens of Chicago artists participated in a sneaker-themed art show called “Out Of The Box”. Each artist created a piece of art using recycled shoe boxes as their canvas. The event was curated by local artist Chris Duran and took place at Fix Your Kicks, a shoe repair shop that also does sneaker customizations. Check out the photos and video footage below.

“Eating” by @ali_six_
“untitled” by @arce_cola
“untitled” by
“untitled” by @benskyacht
“untitled” by @blehthebuddha
“Call now” by @_cardenass
“Sunday Cleaning” by @jonathancarradine
“The Upside Down” and “Abducted” by @dome_chicago
Clockwise from top: “STARGAZING” by @_frillz, “La Burger-Flower” by @___kozmo___, “Global Warming” by @tmoneydelarue, “Oh the places you’ll go” by
“Twilight” by @jonserious138
“untitled” by @jpak4ever
“Kick rocks” by @eee.matador_x
“untitled” by @pabsprints
“Reeboks” by @_pennypinch_
“is life always this hard” by @rawooh
“Airhead 270” by @the_red_door
L to R: “just do it” by, “Judgement Day” by @conrad.javier, “Queen of Diamonds” by @thechicagolago
“untitled” by @sabellaroseart
“shoebox5000” by @f.kiddo
“Shoefiti” by @wreckzilla
“Off the wall” by @wreckzilla


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