2010 was the year of the Air Jordan VI but unfortunately, we didn’t see the September Blue, Olympic (the real Olympic) and a few other colorways that have yet to retro. There’s one particular colorway that most Jordan heads would agree, that should release (HINT) in the coming years and that is the Air Jordan VI “Maroon”. Originally released in 1991 at a retail price of $125, This Maroon Colorway was one of the most underrated in the VI series but these day’s, you can rarely find a pair in decent condition or at a decent price. Let us know if you’d like to see these return!


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  • Chuck

    Long, long, long overdue!

    But I wonder, if sneakerheads had to choose one VI to be retroed, would it be this or the Sport Blue?

    I'd probably go with Spt Blues, but hopefully we get both!

  • francisco

    Bring back the SHOE BOX haha

  • FlightBeast

    September Blue > Maroon

  • cristianm

    I'd love to see this return.

    But after JB stops with the shitty quality and upgrades to the nice quality.

    that's all i'm asking, that too much to ask?

  • Colin

    Had 'em, hated 'em, returned 'em.

    Good call on "Sport" Blue Chuck!

  • TokyoMike

    These > Sept Blues for me personally….would LOVE to see these retro'd with good quality leather and a decent throwback box…

  • Rich J.r.

    HELL YES!!!

  • donadamsky

    PLEASE RETRO JB!!! these might be my favorite jordans ever

  • HeroAJ

    id get these AND the SportBlues if i could :D

  • Me

    not a fan of the white and icy sole

  • donadamsky

    @Me so you dont like any white jays with an icey sole? cuz that would eliminate alot of heat (5's, 6's, 11's)