packer shoes-saucony-everyones a snake

Saucony has, like many brands, been going collab crazy lately but have stepped out of their comfort zone with this edition, taking inspiration from an unlikely place and adapting one of their lesser known silhouettes. Seen here is the late 80’s basketball silhouette, the Hangtime, in an all new “Everybody’s A Snake” look. Though this is a teaser, we can get some clues from the verse that Packer Shoes and Sauc’ are referencing, which happens to come from an old Jadakiss track…

“…everybody’s a snake

That’s why I try to keep the grass cut

So I can see ‘em when they coming

Then I heat they ass up…”

Though we only have a teaser, we can expect some serious heat from Saucony and Packer Shoes. No official release info yet but we’ll keep you updated on that as well as get you some detailed photos as they become available. Stay current on these and other pending releases via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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